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      Jieyang Wei Based Plastic Co., Ltd. Is a collection of plastic additives R & D,marketing,service in one enterprise.Major industry business area for the new chemical industry,mainly engaged in PVC heat stabilizer,environmental protection special plasticizer,PVC processing additives,anti Impact Modifier,elastic modifier,all kinds of plastic paint.

       Products are widely used in PVC thin film,wire and cable materials,outdoor water pipes,pipe,plastic products,children’s toys,Food packaging film.plastic products such as rubber soles,etc… Its function is to ensure the thermal stability of the processing of plastic products,as well as the use of the process to achieve the desired color,cold,high temperature,resistance and resistance and other comprehensive physical properties.

       The company pursues the dedication,innovation,refinement of the spirit of enterprise,adhere to the “sincerity,to the letter”business philosophy.

       To the credibility of the first,quality first,sincere service to meet customer needs,we hope that we can use in the plastics industry years of rich experience to provide you with the best service.